Monday, September 28, 2015

Weigh Day

Proof! This is my scale.
First weigh in for my blog! As a reminder, last Monday when I started I weighed in at 230.4 pounds. Today, I weighed in at 227.8! Yes, I know that I said that a persons weight can fluctuate two or three pounds a day, but that's mostly food and water weight. If you weigh at the same time in the morning before you eat, the variables should be minimal. So the last two weeks I've weighed myself at 9:30 am before breakfast. I didn't have the best week for eating, but it went fairly smoothly. There where a few things I probably shouldn't have eaten over the weekend, Burger King and hot fudge brownies being two of them, but over all, I've done good keeping away from carbs. I've also found myself liking big salads for lunches and dinners. My favorite is a taco salad that I make for dinner on leftovers night. My family uses venison for most of our meat, but you can use ground turkey instead. Here's the recipe.

Taco salad - 495 Calories with venison, 515 Calories with turkey.

2 c. Shredded romaine lettuce
4 oz. Ground taco meat
1 serving Tortilla chips (I use Santitas)
3 tbs. Sour cream
1 tbs. Salsa
1/2 serving shredded cheddar
5 black olives
Hot sauce (optional)
Add in onion, tomatoes, sliced jalapenos, or any other Veggies you want.

1. Just throw it all in a bowl and enjoy!

This is easy to make, and sooo tasty! It's higher in calories so it's more suited to dinner than a lunch, but if you want it for lunch, just make it a half size salad!  Also, I'm working out my blogging schedule. I think the the best way for me to post is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That way I'm not doing it every day, but still posting pretty often. So I'll see you Wednesday!

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