Wednesday, February 17, 2016

6 Month Mayhem

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Here we go again, I need a specified goal. I've not done well with this sort of loosey goosey method. What ends up happening is I do really good for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. But I usually slip up on either Thursday or Friday and say "to hell with it all!" then the weekend tuns into a disaster. So, I'm giving myself a challenge which I will probably try to get somebody to do with me. It goes sort of like this... My family is going to take a vacation to Florida in August, which is roughly six months away. My goal is to be able to get a new swimsuit and not be tortured in the process of trying to find one that sufficiently "hides" the fatness. So I'm going to get down to 160 lbs in six months. It's not what I'm trying to do, it what I am doing, there is no other option. I'm right back at my original starting point of 233 lbs, and I know it's a big goal. I also know that I can do it. On another note, my archery competition is next weekend. I'm actually getting excited about it. I've got the right equipment now, and have gotten significantly better. There is going to be hundreds of other shooters, and who knows, my team might actually stand a chance. In the past few weeks, I've also been getting over bronchitis. It was absolutely miserable, coughing bouts lasting 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes I could barely breath. After a week of that, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics and an inhaler. Three weeks later, and I only have a slight residual cough. Anyway, I'm on day one of the 6 month challenge. I'll be giving monthly updates on how that's going. Other than that I'll be posting normally. What normal is, who knows. I'll try to make sure I do at least one post a week.

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