Thursday, March 3, 2016

2+2 = 4

My beautiful mystery plant.
I lost two pounds in the last week, and two more the week before, so I'm making progress. As long as I can make it through this weekend with company, I'll be good. to be honest, I haven't done any exercise whatsoever. With the exception of the archery competition where we were walking around from noon until 3:00 pm retrieving the arrows we shot. The competition went pretty well, although I was freaking out for the first half of it. One of the few things I'm afraid of is crowds, and this one you literally had to shove people out of your way to get to the shooting line. There was over 700 people shooting that day at different times. Each group was about 150 to 180 kids and teens on the shooting line. But the whole day was really fun! I'm really happy to see that I've found something simple that works for me, I think that's really the trick. Some people might be good with a strict low carb diet or even being vegetarian, But not everyone can stick with that, I've been eating eggs and toast for the last week! But I've still made the effort to make what I'm eating healthier. I replaced one of my two eggs with egg whites and my buttered toast is high fiber toast with two teaspoons of Brummel and Brown yogurt butter on top. It's only 40 calories for a tablespoon. I eat on smaller plates and in smaller bowls. For now, it seems to be working. On another note, I'm just about ready to put my mystery plant in dirt. It's grown about as much as it can in the glass cup over winter. The more it grows the more I think it's a type of hardy hibiscus. I just really hope it
I switched from the outer bowl to the inner bowl
for almost everything I eat. Eggs, casserole, soup,
salad. Mmm, salad.
doesn't die on me once it's planted. If it doesn't, I'll be sure to take pictures when it gets bigger. That's about all I have for an update for now, I know I've been doing horrible at my weekly posts. I apologize for that, once I graduate highschool next month it'll get more frequent. But for now, please hang in there. I appreciate everyone who reads this blog, so see you next week!


  1. Using small plates and bowls are helpful, and I've also learned not to go back for seconds. It really makes a difference.

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