Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Who doesn't like turkey?
I don't know about you, but thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays. It can also be a huge opportunity to overeat. Which I didn't do this year! I actually lost one and a half pounds over Thanksgiving, which is awesome! I've been doing good with exercising, and even though I've forgotten to put on my pedometer a couple times, I've still been getting exercise. I've noticed since I started walking about two weeks ago, that I can go much farther without getting completely exhausted. I was able to go two full loops around the neighborhood and I was good, I even was able to run the last little bit home. I haven't been losing much weight each week, but I can feel the difference in my muscles, some cloths fit a little differently too. I'm excited to feel change, but it sure would be nice for that number to drop down some! I've also got a dentists appointment today, really hoping to have no more cavities, I had my fist two last trip, and that wasn't very fun. My walking plan for today is foiled by rain, so I'm just going to try and do a little bit of strength training. Not my favorite thing to do, but not the worst exercise either. My flower stem has gotten white inch long roots sprouting off of the sides, I'm very happy about that, I'll post pictures of it next time I post. But other than that life hasn't been very interesting lately. One of the reasons I've not been posting as much is because there's literally nothing to report. I think that's all I've got for today. See ya later!


  1. Lovely to hear an update Taylor
    Sometimes, especially in the winter, there is not much to report, BUT every day is a blessing, and spring comes round again!
    You are doing so well...remember this journey is long term...and you will get there with Gods help....
    Love from

  2. Great to hear that you didn't overeat over Thanksgiving. That is a real victory and such a good example to the rest of us that it can be done! Thanks so much for the encouragement.