Friday, November 20, 2015

Green Orange Juice?

Yep, that's what I had for breakfast, green orange juice. It's really orange, celery, spinach, ginger, but I can't really taste anything but orange with a hint of celery. Not bad at all. Yesterday I went a little nuts exercising, I walked in the morning and after lunch. The end result of me taking over 13,000 steps, or walking about five and a half miles. I'm really hoping to be able to do that more often. But today wasn't one of those days. I went to help a friend pack her grandmothers stuff for a move. I enjoyed it, but it doesn't lend to me getting much exercise. I'm probably doing the same thing tomorrow, but I might try to get a walk in before hand. I've been doing ok with drinking enough water, but I'm only averaging two of my 32 oz water bottles each day; after that, I just get sick of drinking it. I don't usually drink other stuff like soda or other flavored drinks, so water gets a little bit boring after a while. Another thing when I went to my friends grandmothers apartment, is that she was very kind and gave me a large stem cutting of a flower she called "Angels Wings". From her description of there being several different colors, I believe that it is a Giant Hibiscus cutting. One of the different kinds being an angels wings hibiscus. I was instructed to keep it in a glass of clean water over winter, and to plant it in a pot or in the ground come late spring. I really hope it grows, I love flowers! Who knows, maybe by the time I plant it, I'll have lost a bit of weight! A special thanks goes out to her for a hopefully lovely plant! I'll see you on Monday!
This is one type of giant hibiscus called a Fantasia Hibiscus.
The flower is about as big as a persons hand spread out. 

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