Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Mmm... egg salad for breakfast!
I'm skipping weigh day! Seriously, I am. I didn't do horrible these last few days, but nor did I do the best I could have done. So I'm guessing I've gained a couple pounds. I'm not weighing because I don't want to discourage myself. What matters is that today I'm back on track. My breakfast of egg salad and celery was great, even if I got full before all the celery was gone! I missed my Friday post because of company, not a huge deal, but I sure would like to get a little more consistent with posting. There were a few times this weekend when I successfully avoided what I call "crack snacks", which are just sugary kind of stuff, one of which was a DQ blizzard! That was huge for me. But then I gave in last night and had half a bag of skittles while watching Person of Interest with my family. It's incredible, only half a bag and I was getting jittery by the end of it. The effects of sugar after you've been off of it for a few weeks is shocking. After the smallest amount, you just want more. Sugar is very addicting, it's no wonder why teens have such a hard time losing weight with it so widely available, and much less expensive then healthy foods. This weekend I also got a new pedometer! My last one stopped working after accidentally putting it though the washer with my laundry. I check my pockets, but somehow it got past me that time. I'm going to aim for a minimum of 8,000 steps in a day, while actually going for 10,000. I find that pedometers help with motivation, I mean, what number would you rather see? 2,000 or 9,000? I know what my answer would be! Alright, I need to go get something done. Maybe I'll try my hand at that pesky thing called school. I'll see you Wednesday!
When avoiding sugar, I find it helps to
think of it a poison.


  1. I had the same kind of week, but I did weigh in and I was up a couple of pounds. As of this morning back down by one. I've been using a pedometer, too, and I do find it helps me be more consistently active.

  2. your honesty ....keep on going....and getting on up again! Jesus loves you....