Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lacking Motivation

Kale isn't too tasty plain, but really good in juice!
Today hasn't been bad, but I'm just lacking motivation to walk. I got my regular school done, and I've been eating very good, but the thought of exercise, ugg. My mom has been really encouraging though. She made juice for us this morning and has in general been awesome. And now I know that I actually like apple, celery, kale, ginger juice. Not too sweet, but also not too bitter. Ginger is really nice in the juice, it adds an extra zing to it that I personally love. I had veggies with ranch and three meatballs for lunch, that was really good too. I am hoping to still get in some walking today, but hopes aren't very high for that. Other than that, there really isn't much to report today. No catastrophes, no slip ups, no worrisome issues. So I guess it's going to be really short today. I'm going to go do something, See ya!

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