Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Apology

A large apple is a good example of a fist sized food portion.
Yep, It's Monday again. And I have a perfectly good excuse for not posting last week. Remember last Monday when I said I wasn't feeling the best and hoping it wasn't going to turn into anything worse? Well, It turned into a full blown head cold with laryngitis I'm still recovering from it. My voice still sounds like I was strangled the moment before. But, I succeeded in not eating the foods I really wanted, and ate the foods that I was supposed to. I did gain about a pound this week, so I'm at 226.5 but that was sort of expected. When you do a cleansing diet (like raw) for a week, nothing really stays in your system for very long since it's so easily digested. When you come back off of the cleansing diet, you gain a pound or two purely from foods that don't get processed as easily like meats. All I have left to do is decrease my portions and I should continue losing weight. If you keep portions small it will cut down digestion time and give your body more time to burn fat as fuel instead of food. I'm going to keep my food portions to about the size of my fist. If you've done any kind of dieting at all, then you've heard that your stomach is about the same size as your fist. That's sort of the precept that I'm going with. I'll make sure I do better writing my blog posts, I know they've been a little erratic lately. Wednesday, if it's nice out, I might just post pictures from my walk. I often encounter something interesting. One time I had a hawk land ten feet away on the ground after I watched it dive bomb for a squirrel. It missed it's breakfast, but it was cool to watch! Hopefully it'll have stopped raining by then, but either way I'll see you Wednesday!

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  1. So sorry Taylor that you have been unwell ... I hope we did not infect you!
    So glad you are on the up again, and can regain the focus...
    Well done so far though!!!
    Lots of love